Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where should I go?

I feel like I'm at a crossroads with my photography business. I thought I had my plans and goals all figured out, but now I am not so sure.

I love the boudoir idea and how it makes women feel. However, it just doesn't seem to be popular here. I am not sure what stops ladies from wanting to do it, but it just isn't catching on. I thought it would be an awesome niche market for me, to make me just a little different than the other photographers in the area.

I love shooting seniors also but that seems to be a limited market too. I am hoping that picks up when spring rolls around, but it just seems like hardly anyone does senior portraits anymore. I think the availability of "nice" cameras now at an affordable price makes a difference now too. It sounds like seniors are photographing each other rather than using a professional.

I've always loved shooting kids, but it seems like "everyone's doing it." :) I will always love this type of photography though.

In about 3 weeks, I am headed to Las Vegas for the WPPI convention. WPPI is Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. I am very excited about learning as much as I possibly can.

In the 5 days that I will be there, there are tons of classes to choose from and this is why I want to have a better idea where I want to take my business. Obviously I want to take classes that help me learn and move forward with my goals. I need to spend a little more time defining my goals before I go....

Friday, January 21, 2011

Do you tweet?

I finally decided to open a Twitter account. I haven't even "tweeted" once though. And I am not following very many other people's tweets. The main reason I started one is that when I go to Las Vegas next month for the WPPI convention (more on that later), lots of photographers recommend having a Twitter account so you can keep up on some of the things that are going on. If you have a Twitter account, look me up so we can "follow" each other. My user name is sarahalbinphoto.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cleaning for a Reason

If you know any woman currently undergoing chemotherapy, please pass the word to her that there is a cleaning service that provides FREE housecleaning - once per month for 4 months while she is in treatment. All she has to do is sign up and have her doctor fax a note confirming the treatment. Cleaning for a Reason will have a participating maid service in her zip code area arrange for the service. This organization serves the entire USA and currently has 547 partners to help these women. It's our job to pass the word and let them know that there are people out there that care. Be a blessing to someone and pass this information along. CLICK HERE.

You may not know someone going through chemo, but someone on your email list might. Please pass this information on to your family & friends.

What is up?

I am always thinking of things to write about on here, but I have a hard time getting myself to do it. It's not like it really takes that much time. It's more about sitting down and making myself do it.....

There are some cool things going on in my life, both personally and professionally. There are some other not-so-cool things, but I won't probably write about those. If you know me really well, you probably already know about the not-so-cool things anyway. And I am not into publicly bad-mouthing anyone.

I make my blog into a book each year. I get a copy for myself and one for each of the kids. It's a great way for them to have a "scrapbook" of the year. Abigail is much more into reading and looking at it than J.T. is, but that's okay. It's probably a boy vs. girl thing.

Speaking of a boy vs. girl thing... wow can those two bicker and fight. It doesn't get physical too often. Mostly it is lots of teasing and yelling. J.T. is sooooo good at pushing Abigail's buttons. And she is soooo good at letting him. She just can't ignore him. I do believe, however, that girls with brothers end up much tougher than girls with only sisters. What do you all think?

Okay I will really try to be better about this..... don't abandon me yet!